Ciel & Princess Leia

          "Starfleet has more than changed my life. I feel as if I am finally in control again. Princess Leia and I have been working as a team for a little over a year now and the progress we made has been phenomenal. We have learned new things, gone to new places, and tackled many new challenges as a team. I have gained the ability to do things I could not previously and she was as given a second chance to live.

          Leia was brought in as a stray to the Stockton animal shelter. When Starfleet found her she was matted and had no interest in people. Today Leia has more confidence than most people and lives a happy life. They even made time to fly out to me and train us as a team though we are 1,180 miles away.

          In the past year more health issues have surfaced and I needed more help than I did previously. With the help of Starfleet they taught me to train Leia to assist with all the new tasks I need as they came. She has quickly become my best friend. Leia has many tasks utilized on a daily basis such as picking things up, closing/opening doors, clearing rooms, monitoring heart rate, and many more. Thanks to Starfleet and their amazing team I have gained more independence than I imagined.

          Starfleet and their amazing trainers have granted me the ability to go back to school, go to work, relax at home and go out with peace of mind. I don't know what I would do without my shadow and without the trainers at Starfleet." -Ciel

Rescued From: Stockton Animal Services Center

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