Who We Are

Our Mission

Starfleet Service Dogs, Inc. aims to professionally task train, match, and sustain service dogs to mitigate an individual’s mental or physical disability. Starfleet Service Dogs, Inc. is a qualified  501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.   


Starfleet Service Dogs, Inc. envisions an integrated community of humans and animals helping each other to live fulfilled lives. 

Owner Training team Tom and Melanie

Core Principles 

Starfleet Service Dogs, Inc. is committed to our mission while ensuring the highest quality partnerships we can provide. Our core principles include:

Respect: We advocate for our dogs, our clients, and the public to ensure that all parties are treated with the respect they deserve. This respect is extended to all members of the community through teaching clients to come from a place of understanding in all scenarios they may encounter while with their service dog. 

Responsibility: We have the responsibility not to deceive others; we have the responsibility not to deceive ourselves, and we have the responsibility not to allow others to deceive themselves.


Education: We are committed to educating our dogs to the highest degree using scientific-based research. We are committed to educating our clients on service dog training to give them the tools to succeed in the future. We are committed to educating the public, organizations, and business entities regarding service dog legislation, accessibility, and the latest canine research to change the world. 

Innovation: Our practices are based directly on sound peer-reviewed research and is continually updated to provide the most effective outcomes in all aspects of our organization. We directly drive innovation in both the public and private sectors  by partnering with research institutions and working with product developers to further our mission and vision.

Integrity: As a non-profit we are committed to transparency. Our standards of training and welfare act as a baseline, which will continue to be raised as new scientific research informs our practice. Our number one concern in all situations is the physical and mental welfare of our dogs.

Teamwork: Maintaining effective working teams that continue to exceed our training standards requires many individuals with unique perspectives to work together to reach a common goal: our mission. We are devoted to matching dogs and clients appropriately as to facilitate effective teamwork and quality partnerships. 

Starfleet Service Dogs, Inc. 501(c)(3)

EIN:  81-4216629

E-mail: info@starfleetservicedogs.org

Phone: 301-509-6742

Social Media: @starfleetservicedogs

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