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Become an 

Apprentice Trainer

Empower Yourself and Others


A pivotal step in the process to progressing our dogs though our training program are our Canine Training Specialists which provide our dogs and clients with the proper knowledge.


SSDI is looking for confident and skilled service dog trainers to enter into our Apprentice Trainer program and expand our National Training Network. 



  1. Be 18 years or older.

  2. Have a passion for helping dogs and people in the disabled community.

  3. Have a positive attitude.

  4. Desire to understand new perspectives and learn new skills.

  5. Able to attend weekly training sessions in person or digitally with your Head Canine Training Specialist mentor.

  6. Read about Our Dogs.

  7. Have a computer with live video capabilities.


If you are interested in becoming an apprentice trainer, please follow these steps:


  1. Fill out our Apprentice Trainer Application

  2. Email your completed application to with the subject line reading: ATTN: TRAINING DIRECTOR.

  3. Phone Interview

  4. Working Interview