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A Husky mix sitting on the beach looks at the camera.
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Foster a Life-Saver

Foster a Dog, Help 2 Lives

We envision an integrated community of humans and animals helping each other to live fulfilled lives. The first step in the process to training rescue dogs to become service dogs is showing them the love and compassion they deserve.


We do not own a facility that houses dogs; therefore, we rely on community support so that our dogs are never placed into a kennel situation. We accept dogs into our training program based on the number of foster homes available. By joining our foster network, you are directly saving the life of a dog and forever changing the life of one of our clients.


One of our core principles is teamwork as it takes a large group of caring individuals to train and maintain these dogs. Working together and continued training are what keep our dogs going strong.


  1. Live in a smoke-free environment.

  2. Able to house a service dog in training at your residence.

  3. Be 18 years or older OR have the support of a legal guardian.  

  4. Physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of handling a large breed dog.

  5. Able to attend weekly training sessions in person or digitally with our trainers.

  6. Read about Our Dogs.

  7. Able to transport your dog to and from veterinary appointments as necessary.

  8. Interested in learning about dogs and dog training with a new canine buddy!​


If you feel you could provide a loving foster home to one of our dogs, please follow these steps:


  1. Fill out our Foster Application

  2. Email your completed application to with the subject line reading: ATTN: FOSTER DIRECTOR.

  3. Phone Interview

  4. Home Walkthrough

  5. Foster Preparedness Training

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